They Call Me Champ

They Call Me Champ

Our Mission

Since Champ is a distemper survivor, and has been the light of our lives.

We want to be able to give back. You see all it would have taken was for Champ to get his vaccinations as a puppy, maybe he would not be quadriplegic.

The monies that are raised from the sales, 90% goes to Champ's fund to help his medical needs. 10% of the sales will be place in a special account, so that we can vaccinate animals in need.

Thank you for each order, we deeply appreciate all the support.

Ordering and Shipping

Mom is spending so much time at the Post Office, which is a wonderful thing but she needs time to create and take care of us too, so shipping days will be Monday and Friday. If you order items during the week she will mail them on Friday, if you order items on the weekend, she will mail them on Monday.

Hope everyone understands.

Thank you so much for your support!

New Item

Unique Candles

Hand Poured Unique Candles

Mom hand pours each and every candle. So will they be prefect, no. Mom tries her best but they are not like a machince does all the work.

Mom spends a lot of time searching for all of the unique containers. They are all absolutely beautiful.

These containers can be porcelain, ceramic, fine china or glass.

Never give up!

Always follow your dreams!

The strawberry shortcake is by far my favorite!!! One little melt has my entire house smelling incredible!!

I purchased other scents and some hand soap ( Lemongrass) that smells absolutely incredible also. It lathers up wonderful. You do an amazing job on top of the incredible care you give all those pups!! Truly impressed and inspired by your devotion!!

Robin Davis

I love the candles! They have a great fragrance

Carole Noyce

The scents are amazing!!!

Angela Taylor

My 1oz Wax Melts arrived today & I have Jamaican me Crazy in the warmer. I LOVE Them. I put Champs Magnet on the front of my Fridge so everyone can see him. Thank you so much Hugs & Love To All Of You ...Janis Olson

Janis Olson

They Call Me Champ

10% of the sale will go into a special account where we will be able to help, in need animals get vaccinated.

Champ's Story

Champ was found in a ditch in South Texas. He was thrown away like a piece of trash. Champ was unable to walk or stand. He was picked up by rescue and it was determined that he had contracted the Distemper Virus. Most dogs do not survive once the contract the Distemper Virus. When he was well enough he was transported to his foster home in Virginia. He went through extensive physical therapy, water therapy and at home exercises. He got strong enough that he was able to be in a special quad wheelchair. Champ was upright for the very first time. He was able to walk in parades, visit children's schools, able to precipitate in some amazing events. He has had many setbacks from the virus, but Champ has been a trooper through it all. He faces each and every day with a smile, determination, and a wagging tail.

Please vaccinate your animals

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We would love to hear what you think about our products. Have any suggestions for the store? Thank you so much for your support of Champ